OctoGEO prepares Earth Observation data into a form directly usable by companies in their end-user products and websites - from private intranet applications, offline hardware devices to games.

We are a technology start-up based in the Czech Republic, we create software and workflows which run on a computer cluster to speed up processing of the immense amount of data for the entire planet.

We are merging satellite and aerial imagery

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Maps API for your apps

Use our satellite & aerial maps from a reliable global infrastructure.

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World maps you can

deploy on your own

Redistribute our data with your own products.

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Data products

Satellite - global beautiful satellite map combining data
from ESA and NASA satellites

Aerial - high-resolution aerial data packages for individual
countries color-toned to fit the satellite map

Terrain - global digital terrain, ready for 3D models and
visualizations, digital elevation model

Landcover - vectors for global data
(forests, grass, shrub, urban areas, glaciers)

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Software services

Vectorizing raster geodata
Converting extremely large raster data into bezier curves and polygons. Applications: vector tiles from raster data, detailed contour lines, hypsometry vectors, landcover areas, visualizations of results of analysis and more.

Color toning imagery
Color toning algorithm for visually aligning different not overlapping drone/aerial/satellite imagery or photographs - used in our Aerial and Satellite products. Licensed to be used in the popular MapTiler software.

Big data processing on a cluster
We can process your own data.


We have been one of the winners of the Copernicus Masters 2017